Date: 23 April, 2020
Author: John Henning

We are a professional team of teams that leverage on a wide network of individuals horizontally in order to deliver competent compliant business rescue solutions to our clients.

We use AI software to produce and publish the business rescue plans timeously and compliantly and control each engagement using project management tools.

Effective use of electronic meetings brings all the functions together regularly, allowing everyone to contribute while keeping up with the latest developments. This encourages alignment of vision, timeous execution of tasks, and continuous improvement boosting efficiency whilst keeping costs down.

We collaborate by creating shared consciousness by building genuine relationships and trust. This allows for empowered execution of responsibilities allowing the BRP to function with an eyes-on, hands-off approach.

We have experienced BRP’s who have access to a broad body of knowledge, and they collaborate on assignments, bringing together a collective of experiences and capability. The BRP’s comply with continuing professional development and the SAICA code of conduct.

All of this allows for increased efficiency without compromising quality and compliance resulting in value-for-money solutions.

We are also fiercely independent and are not compromised or obligated to any outside pressures to follow pre-set avenues.

Finally, as Chartered Accountants, we understand our ethics and integrity are the shield that differentiates us and do not compromise on either.