Refund Policy

This Refund Policy determines when and if you can cancel your purchases made on the Website and be given a refund. This includes circumstances where you have already received the product, or if the product you received is defective.

Please note that you are only entitled to cancellations, refunds and replacements in accordance with this Refund Policy.

  1. Your rights to cancel, return and/or be refunded

    1. Cancellations

      You are entitled to cancel any purchase without having to pay any additional fee charges if you cancel prior to the packaging of the purchased products and such cancellation is effected online on your ‘orders’ webpage. But, if you only partially cancel a sale (i.e. a product or products will still be delivered to you) then you will have to pay any excess delivery charges based on the revised value after cancellation.

    2. Late Delivery and Stock Shortages

      If a product you have purchased is not delivered within the agreed delivery period (or where no specific period was agreed, within 30 days after having purchased the product) you are entitled to cancel such purchase on 7  days notice to G&A Compass. Notice may be given on the ‘orders’ webpage of the Website. If an ordered product is or becomes out of stock, G&A Compass will notify you where:
      • for a temporary out-of-stock situation, you can either cancel the order and be fully refunded without having to pay any charges, or you can chose not to cancel and receive the ordered product or products on a later delivery date,
      • for a permanent out-of-stock situation, you shall be entitled to be fully refunded, without having to pay any charges

    3. Incorrect Product Delivered Shrink wrapped

      If the product you did not purchase is delivered, it is your responsibility to not remove the product from its original packaging or use it in any way. G&A Compass will resolve the mistake by making arrangements with you to resolve the issue when you promptly contact G&A Compass of the issue.

    4. Defective Products

      If, within 3 months after delivery of a product -
      • you find that the product is defective or unsuitable for the purpose for which it was indicated in the product description (“Defective”); and
      • you return such product to G&A Compass only in the manner set out in the “Return and Refund Process” section below;
      and the product is subsequently found to be defective, you are entitled to either have the product repaired or replaced at the G&A Compass' expense, or be fully refunded.

      If the product is found to not be defective, you will not be entitled to any remedies you would be the product is Defective. G&A Compass may choose to hold you liable for any costs incurred in having such product collected from and returned to you.

      The following will NOT render the product defective:
      • Faults resulting from normal wear and tear;
      • Where the colour of a product does not precisely match the colour depicted on the Website;
      • If an eBook Link does not give you access to the relevant eBook because you have no internet connection or a similar internet or network related restriction is present or you have clicked on the Link more than once; or if payment for the eBook has failed.
      • The inability to open or read an eBook -
        • on multiple devices simultaneously
        • a faulty Reader application
        • your chosen device is unregistered or unassociated with the relevant Reader Application
        • internet connection issues with a Reader Application


      • Any product bought as a result of a reduced price, promotion or special offer that you wish to replace may not be capable of being replaced.
      • eBooks:it is not possible to return a defective Link or eBook for inspection. If you experience any problem with an eBook you must report the problem to or call us at +27 82 459 2914 (Contact centre hours: Weekdays 8:00 – 18:00; Saturdays 8:00 – 14:00).
      • G&A Compass shall assist you (if you report any issue quickly) in determining the possible cause/s of the problem and how to rectify the problems. No refunds shall be issued unless G&A Compass, determines that a refund would be appropriate.
      • If you have made any error, or believe there is an error with a purchased eBook, please report the problem to G&A Compass WITHOUT clicking on the Link to download the eBook.

      The only grounds upon which a refund may be given are set out above, however, G&A Compass may, decide to give you a partial refund or to effect a repair or give you a replacement at a reduced cost.

  2. Return and Refund process

    1. Returns:

      If you want to return a product you have purchased from G&A Compass for any reason permitted under this Refund Policy, you must follow the following steps:
      1. Notify G&A Compass by initiating the return function on your Account, or via email.
      2. After step 1 you will be provided with a returns authorisation number (“RA Number”) and the collection of the product from you will be arranged.
      3. The product to be collected by the courier must reflect the RA number on the parcel and be packed in the following manner:
        the product must be shrink-wrapped which may not be opened and must be adequately and properly protected; unless the product is being returned because it is defective, the product must still be in its original packaging (shrink-wrapped), together with all items that may have come with it and in perfect condition for resale purposes. (i.e. the product must not be damaged).Unless the above steps are followed, G&A Compass is not able to accept the return of any products. G&A may return products that have been returned without following the above steps at your sole expense and may hold you liable for any damage you cause to a product.

    2. Refunds:

      All refunds shall be effected in the same manner in which payment was made unless payment was made via EFT or bank deposit. In which case we will credit your G&A Compass shopper profile. You may request that instead of crediting your G&A Compass shopper profile, we pay the amount into your bank account (but we will not pay any amount into a third party's bank account).