G&A Methodology to Business Rescue and Compromises 1st Edition

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This is the first book in South Africa to deal with the controversial subject of business rescue and compromises, which helps you map the plethora of issues which arise during a business rescue or a compromise, and assists you to find the answers you seek on what can be done (your rights) and what should be done (the obligations). This book is the ultimate companion guide for any director, business rescue practitioner, affected party, union representative or any person from the accounting or legal profession who needs to deal with business rescue or compromises. This is an essential “must-have book” which enables you to confront any question pertaining to business rescue or compromises, based on the actual legislation and offers an opinion on what we think the Act is saying or not saying. 

The findings in the book will give you a clear indication on how to approach a business rescue proceeding or a compromise, be it if you are director, practitioner or an affected party, which includes unions. The reported legal cases give you the ability to read further on the subject and purchasing the book gives you access to the library on this website, which contains the actual judgements, examples of pleadings, business plans and other interesting documents. This website is constantly updated and maintained to provide the newest information that becomes available on business rescues and compromises. 

Price: R1,299.00